The Way People Travel: FS Italiane chooses the author for the 2019 calendar

The Way People Travel

Rome, 5 September 2018

In June 2018 FS Italiane, in collaboration with Zooppa, launched The Way People Travel, the new creative contest in search of new and original ideas for the new 2019 Calendar, with particular reference to the photographic shots to be included in it. The focus of the project was to creatively show how travel time could become new time, earned and saved, a time to devote to one’s self or to others.

There were a total of 93 entries, for a total of 109 projects received: many responded to the challenge of rethinking, reconstructing, and re-imagining time.

The choice of project winner fell on Whitewallstudio for originality and overall fun factor of the proposal and for best representing the complex reality that is the FS Italiane Group.

To the selected winner, the task of organizing their project, dealing directly with the photo shoot, and final layout of the 2019 Calendar.