#Congiunzioni arrives in Olbia

On the 4th and 5th of May, the #Congiunzioni roadshow organized by Anas in collaboration with the State Police stops over in Olbia. The initiative was created to celebrate the 90-year history of the National Road Organization. A journey that began in 1928, the founding year of AASS - Autonomous Company for National Roads, and which, through a journey of exhibits and photographic materials, arrives at the present day.

Permanent paving, safer routes, and road signs have shaped the modern road network of our Peninsula. As Anas CEO Gianni Vittorio Armani recalled during the roadshow's recent stop in Umbria: "These are ninety important years that allowed our country to build its infrastructure and Anas to make a contribution to the roads. There was an initial construction, then a post-war reconstruction, and the consequent economic development of Italy."

From its inaugural stop in Trieste to its last in Reggio Calabria on the 13th and 14th of May, the Scania lorry will be traveling along Italy’s road network spreading a culture of safety, promoting the enhancement of some tourist itineraries, recounting the history of roadways and the company, and detailing new technologies for future mobility. During the Sardinian leg, a blue police coach will be traveling alongside the Scania lorry as a multimedia classroom dedicated to road education.

The lorry will host the new Virtual Museum of Anas (MUVIAS), a dynamic and interactive web space that tells of the economic and social growth of Italy and of its road network. Developed in partnership with ITABC CNR, the institute for technologies applied to cultural heritage, the virtual museum also gathers contributions from other public and private operators.

The Sardinian leg will also welcome a musical area thanks to DJ Mengozzi and the performances of the three finalists of the #buonmotivo music contest, launched by Anas last December as part of the road safety campaign carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport and the State Police.

With the #Congiunzioni and #Anas90 hashtags, social media users will be able to tell about their experiences aboard the lorry and their thoughts on #Congiunzioni on their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.