Rimini Meeting 2023, Ferraris: “The FS Group’s investments account for 2% of the GDP”

Speaking at the round table of “Infrastructure and the National Recovery and Resilience Plan: which development for Italy”, FS Italiane CEO Luigi Ferraris reiterated the FS Group’s commitment and its crucial role in modernising and upgrading Italy’s railway infrastructure.

These concrete objectives can effectively improve people’s lives and, at the same time, have a positive impact on the economy. During the round table of “Infrastructure and the National Recovery and Resilience Plan: which development for Italy” at the Rimini Meeting 2023, FS Group CEO Luigi Ferraris spoke about the Ferrovie dello Stato’s crucial role for the country in stating, “The FS Group’s investments over the next 10 years shall account for 2% of the national GDP and, with 200 billion euro, will serve to make public and freight transport by rail more attractive and efficient.”

The initial interventions are already history. Indeed, in recent months, RFI and Anas – the companies of the FS Group’s Infrastructure Business Unit – have launched more than 4,000 road and rail worksites, with a total value of 50 million euro. These are the Strategic Projects in which 200,000 to 300,000 workers are engaged throughout the territory from north to south.

The efficiency and stability of the network and media will continue to be based on innovation, according to Ferraris who reiterated the importance of fostering the development of digitised platforms aimed at improving integration between different means of transport, accompanied by professionalism and skills that are always cutting edge.

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The benefits of the FS Group’s investments will be evident in Italy and throughout Europe, which has become a large domestic market for the Ferrovie. “The trend in Europe is to connect the main capitals primarily with high-speed trains and we can take on a leading role in that. We are already present in some countries, in Germany for example, and we can play our own game”, Luigi Ferraris continues from the sidelines of the event. “We have already completed the fleet of 20 high-speed trains in Spain where we are doing quite well. We are the third private operator together with the French and cover connections in the main Spanish cities.”

The Rimini Meeting 2023

Also this year, Ferrovie dello Stato is Official Sponsor of the Rimini Meeting, the event that has been a place for people to gather and form friendships since the late 1970s. On this occasion, the Group welcomed participants with an exhibition stand and supported meetings of great interest.