Sustainable mobility of the future at the heart of Mobilitaria 2021

FS Group to participate in the green digital event 

Via live streaming on the 29 April, the Mobilitaria 2021 Report drafted by the  Kyoto Club and the Institute of Atmospheric Pollution of the National Research Council shall be presented. The study analysed data on the state of air pollution and the development of urban mobility policies in major Italian cities throughout the 2020–2021 period.

As part of the Key Energy Digital Green Weeks, this year’s edition takes stock of mobility solutions during the period of the pandemic in 14 major cities and metropolitan areas, looking at the effects on air quality and extraordinary measures to address people’s movements about the city. The innovation of the 2021 Report consists in the analysis of the Urban Sustainable Mobility Plans implemented.

This year, the FS Italiane Group participated as a partner in the initiative. Speaking at 10:00 am was Trenitalia’s Chairman, Michele Pompeo Meta, at the Next Generation Italia conference for the sustainable mobility of the future with the Minister for Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility, Enrico Giovannini, the President of the Chamber of Deputies’ Transport and Communications Commission, Raffaella Paita, along with the President of the Senate of the Republic’s Commission into Public Works and Communications, Mauro Coltorti