European Mobility Week 2020

From 16 to 22 September, with reflections on the importance of accessible, inclusive and intermodal mobility. With zero emissions.

Now in its 19th edition, the European Mobility Week is a well-established event promoting modes of travel as an alternative to private vehicles – on foot, by bicycle or via shared transport. This year’s theme is Zero-emission Mobility For All, reflecting the ambitious goal of a continent aiming to become carbon neutral by 2050.

The same objectives also apply to FS Italiane with reference to both energy purchased and energy self-produced by the Group companies and used for infrastructure. In parallel, FS – ever attentive to integrated and green mobility – has set other challenging targets: increasing the modal shift in Italy by favouring collective and shared transport by 15% before 2050, encouraging people not to use private vehicles, as well as managing to haul 50% of total freight by rail before 2050.

In line with the provisions of the 2030 Agenda, the Group established a network of Mobility Managers throughout the Italian territory years ago to promote various green initiatives designed for employees travelling to and from work and home, with conventions for shared mobility and for purchasing local public transport travel passes as well as corporate areas dedicated to parking bicycles.

Abandoning private vehicles to promote green and smart mobility is also the objective of the agreements entered into by Trenitalia with local authorities and organisations (such as with train+bike), as well as the expansion of the FRECCIALink offering, as the integrated Frecce+bus service.

Included in this context are the partnerships with car and bike sharing services in a range of cities. Amongst them is recent agreement with Helbiz that renders scooters and electric bicycles available to Trenitalia customers in Rome, Turin, Milan, Verona, Bari, Pescara and Cesena.

Finally comes the partnership between Leasys and Metropark, the latter being a FS Group company dedicated to the installation of 14 electric car-charging points in the parking lot of the Torino Porta Susa HS station. The initiative is part of a broad collaboration project that will see Metropark and Leasys electrify other Italian railway stations to enhance their role as intermodal hubs.