Digital, sustainable and connected cities to build up functional cities

Smart stations in smart cities 

FS Italiane Group CEO and UIC President Renato Mazzoncini has shown off the new concept of smart stations at the sixth edition of NextStation 2017 on 19 October 2017 in Madrid (Spain).The event that has been organised by the Spanish Rail Infrastructure ManagerAdif, in partnership with UIC - International Union of Railways, stands out as the global reference for leaders and decision-makers to share the latest experiences and best practices regarding the design, financing and operation of railway stations.

The conference has gathered high-level speakers, including decision-makers, representatives of leading industries as well as stakeholders involved in the city issue and panellists from different fields or backgrounds in order to focus on the creation, development and operation of railway stations. Moreover, the latest developments applicable to railway stations design and operation and also the integration of the station in the city will be presented by high-level speakers, including decision-makers, representatives of leading industries.

Among the various topics addressed during the conference there are: linking cities, services and technologies like low carbon station, city services, competitiveness, innovation, Big Data, governance, accessibility, intermodality, business, security, urban integration and social networks.

Renato Mazzoncini has underlined the importance of building up functional cities that are linked by smart stations since the station represents a fundamental connection point. Stations are places where people expect to find access to the mobility system. In a station people expect to find a bike sharing system, a car sharing system, a taxi, a bus network; it is a place where mobility comes together. That is why stations are extremely important. The great work that we have done in Italy, and in other countries around the world to make stations become cool and attractive for those who don't use the railway, is extraordinary and vital work. But now stations are finally recovering this role as part of urban redevelopment, as an element of redevelopment from an environmental and sustainability point of view: the real mobility hub is the station.