Focal point of the public transport system in Florence, this long compact building with accentuated horizontality receives over 400 trains a day and is an interchange for numerous buses and taxis.

Firenze Santa Maria Novella

Florence S. Maria Novella Station, which receives 160 thousand passengers a day and 59 million a year, is a terminus located in Piazza della Stazione in the city centre and focal point of public transport in Florence. The station receives over 400 trains a day and is an interchange for numerous buses and taxis.

Florence Station is a long compact building with accentuated horizontality to avoid contrast with the vertical structure of the Santa Maria Novella Church. It is a terminus station in which tracks arrive perpendicularly to the façade and stop there.

This station has nineteen tracks with numbering that goes west to east.
Tracks 5 to 16 are located in the main building, whereas tracks 1A, 1, 2 and slightly shorter tracks 3 and 4 are located in the west wing and new tracks 17 and 18 have been put into operation in the east wing.