The sustainable regeneration of cities

The target to be pursued by the Urban business unit is the enhancement of assets no longer functional to the railway service, from the perspective of the sustainable regeneration of cities.

Increasing urbanisation will render large urban centres the focal point of the sustainability game in the future, considering that cities already account for 40 per cent of global electricity usage and 70 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions.

The parent company of this sector is Sistemi Urbani. The business unit is comprised of the companies FS Park, GS Immobiliare and CREW Cremonesi Workshop. The strategic priorities include the regeneration of real estate, integrated parking management and the launch of new partnerships.

Investments and strategic priorities

The investment will come to 1.5 billion euro, aimed at regenerating around 24 million square metres of land in areas bordering roads and railways, which could be utilised in a green perspective to produce clean energy, create new plantations, green corridors and cycle paths. 

In addition to this is the integrated management of the Group’s parking lots, which will increase from 84 to 250, to thus manage 20,000 more parking spaces with an increasing presence of electric charging points. The development of centres of excellence is to offer turnkey services to small- and medium-sized cities – those with between 100,000 and 400,000 inhabitants – to design, build, finance and manage infrastructure for sustainable urban mobility, along with the launch of partnerships with different operators for the construction and management of the assets.