Winter timetable 2018-2019: many new features dedicated to travellers

People at the centre of the news presented during the Trenitalia timetable change


On 9th December, the new Trenitalia winter timetable starts with lots of offers that aim to increase the frequency of trains, facilitate connections to tourist destinations, and improve the travel experience before, during and after.

The current network (279 Frecce, 108 InterCity and 30 FRECCIAlink that connect more than 240 stations in major Italian cities every day) will be further enhanced with 55 new stops and more trains. Renewed attention will be given to the South through greater territorial coverage: connections with Calabria will improve and there will be two new Frecciargento on the Rome-Bari route. A territorial coverage that will also be accomplished through the FRECCIAlink that will bring the passenger directly to the ski slopes and in the most beautiful cities of art, including Matera (European Capital of Culture 2019).

The traveler at the centre of everything

Furthermore you'll be able to choose how to continue your journey thanks to partnerships between Trenitalia and other operators and, once off the train, continue your journey by another means of transport.

In the field of regional transport, 2019 will bring 102 new trains (33 Rock, 14 Jazz, 10 Swing, 45 Pop), while starting in December 2018 the regions of Liguria, Lazio, Campania, Emilia Romagna, Puglia and Sicily will boast more services, connections and new trains.

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