Staff Areas

Human Resources

Assures the definition of business guidelines and policies in planning, organisation, selection and recruitment, development and management, human resources training and internal communication as well as the Industrial Relations system. Activates the relevant authorisations and verifies its implementation. Defines the annual plan of the staff and the company's labour costs. Assures the programming, implementation and inspection of business safety activities and administrative services. Ensures compliance with procedures and standards for work and environmental safety.

Role Examples:

Human Resources Manager
Takes care of the analysis of staff requirements at the territorial level, and monitors labour costs; manages the activities related to recruitment (documentation required, medical check-ups, pre-letter letter commitment/contract, etc.); manages non-executive staff and monitors the application of contractual rules and corporate policies and procedures of:

  • evaluation and authorisation required (maternity/paternity, special leave, part-time, voluntary redundancy management);
  • elaboration of proposals for divisional / directional transfers and interpellations based on the needs identified;
  • monitoring of management dynamics (absenteeism, overtime, holidays, etc,);
  • preparation of the necessary notary acts for the prevention and investigation of labour disputes;
  • analysis and evaluation of the type of disciplinary action to be taken;
  • sending, to the competent territorial structures of Administrative Processes, the information necessary for the administrative implementation of the defined management activities.

Organisational Designer

Takes care of the analysis and design of business processes, procedures, and job descriptions.

Develops operational organizational mechanisms and verifies with the relevant functions managers and processes. Evaluates positions for organisational competence items. Identifies the consistency, completeness and correctness of organisational design even with the supervisors/interested parties of said structures.

Labour Relations Manager

Develops report data regarding employee participation in strikes and trade union relations related to bargaining with the Trade Unions.

Deals with finding the required information to evaluate the repercussions of union bargaining regarding organisation and labour costs. Provides internal communications on union activity. Supervises relationships with the Trade Unions (OO.SS). National and OO.SS., regional and Unified Trade Representation (RSU) as well as the Equal Opportunities Committee on issues of national and territorial competence respectively.

Personnel Administration Officer

Carries out the routine management tasks of hiring, termination, separation, holiday management, sick leave due to illness, and accidents.

Human Resources Development Manager

Conducts analysis and implementation of new methodologies and tools to be adopted for the evaluations as well as the consolidation of the evaluation boards of all staff included in the development plans. It manages the careers of personnel and processing replacement tables. Care planning and monitoring the activities of the assessments.

Human Resources Training Specialist

Manages the identification and definition of the training needs, it deals with the design of the courses and of 'logistic-organizational implementation of the training.

Legal Department

Assures the unitary representation of legal and corporate interests at every venue and before any national and international body also through the management of company litigation at different degrees of jurisdiction. Assures the definition of business policies, monitoring current regulatory developments and defining related business-wide application directives. Provides assistance and advice to corporate functions for all legal and corporate matters.

Role Examples:

Civil and Administrative Law Analyst
Supervises the analysis and monitoring of legislative developments.
Gets involved in legal advice and legal assistance and towards the subsidiaries and employees of the Company as well as legal advice and legal assistance to corporate structures. Provides support and advice on civil, administrative and commercial law and manages procurement procedures for the purchase/sale of goods and services and in the drafting of notary acts relating to the execution of contracts.

Criminal Law Analyst
Analyses and manages the monitoring of legislative developments.
Deals with legal advice and legal assistance to corporate structures and subsidiaries and to employees of the company.
Manages relations with the judicial police and the Judiciary itself.

Immovable Property Litigation Management Officer
The typical Ferservizi representative. Carries out activities related to the management of property litigation, with regard to issues relating to squatting, passive expropriation proceedings based on immovable property management contracts entered into, and associated bankruptcy proceedings as well as those reported by other business structures. Also, follows the litigation relating to procedures for the sale of immovable property assets, as well as new activations for the leases of non-commercial real property.

Strategy and Planning

Assures the definition of the strategic positioning of Group Companies in the referenced business and the related analysis activities, and supports top-tier management in planning and scheduling corporate strategies. Carries out economic and technical evaluations, drafting of business and investment plans. Develops network development strategies and plans, builds economic and transport system scenarios, defines development initiatives on international markets, ensuring partnership implementation.

Role Examples:

Business Analyst
Carries out the analysis of strategic positioning and proposals for development strategies, agreements and partnerships as well as market analysis and competition in the transport sector, Osservatorio Normativo.
Manages the development of international exchanges, monitors participation in international organizations/associations.

Economic and Financial Planning Officer
Collaborates in the drafting of the business and the investment plan, in the management and monitoring of the programme contract.

Technical and Financial Planning Officer
Collaborates in the drafting of investment assessment dossiers, in monitoring the activities of the investment planning process.

Internal Auditing

Assists the company's top-tier management and organisation in pursuit of efficiency and efficiency goals through an independent and objective assurance and consulting activity aimed at evaluating and improving control, risk management and corporate governance processes; ensures the assessment of the adequacy and effective functioning of the Internal Control System in the pursuit of the company's business efficiency and efficiency objectives, compliance with laws, regulations, contracts and internal provisions, protection of company assets, fairness of internal and external information, in accordance with the International Standard for Professional Practice.

Role Examples:

Carries out the planning and implementation of existence and implementation audits of the existing procedures in relation to the intervention, the collection of data necessary for carrying out the planned audit work, the study of current legislation inherent to the process involved and the predisposition of the Documentation (memorandum, economic/business data processing) required by the Team Leader for the intervention report.

Internal Auditing Officer
Carries out activities to co-ordinate audit processes and to supervise activities designed to ensure the drafting and compliance of business procedures.

Information Technology and Systems

Assures the definition and implementation of the Business IT Plan, identifying the priorities of intervention on corporate IT systems and risk areas in IT security, assuring the management of business IT systems investment projects and commissions
ensures the availability of systems to support business decisions, through dimmer development and the adoption of operational research techniques;
guarantees the development, management of IT systems and IT applications and their user support, in line with the reference architectures, ensuring that the demand for innovation and system change and the identification of technological needs is recognised; assures, as far as is relevant, the relationship with the suppliers of IT goods and services, respecting the purchasing process of the company and the Group.

Role Examples:

Platform and Network Designer
Takes care of the updating of the logical design and integration of the business application engineering architecture. Performs analysis of existing technical platforms and networks and analysis and design of application architectures. Plans and designs the development of the network infrastructure, security Infrastructure, Data Protection, Networking and Business Applications.

Systems Designer
Manages the technical-economic estimation of the development programmes and the processing of technical elements for the definition of the Business IT Plan. Deals with the development of new business information systems by analysing requirements, developing functional specifications, evaluating, selecting and prototyping the packages as well as designing and selecting supporting IT platforms.

Information Systems Development Officer
Carries out activities relating to the definition of the functional requirements with the identification of the best application and architectural solutions by designing, building, supporting and managing the implementation.

Finance Administration and Control

Guarantees, in keeping with corporate guidelines and Group policies, the supervision of planning, budgeting and financial control processes, including the general definition, analytical and industrial control and accounting rules. Manages all accounting and financial processes related to the administration of the employee staff. Ensures the preparation of financial statements in compliance with civil and fiscal regulations and the reporting system, in compliance with the Group's rules.

Role Examples:

Planning and Investment Control Analyst
Deals with the definition and classification of Investments. Monitors investment projects (analysis of deviations, scheduling, profitability costs). Drafts the Investment Plan/Budget and supervises authorisations. Carries out reporting on public funding.

Budget Planning and Economic Control Analyst
Verifies Over-Budget Purchase Requests. Inspects process management, monitors performance indicators, and analyses cost and revenue. Manages the budget, balance sheet and financial budget, and produces and evaluates resumption proposals. Detects the deviations of the management results compared to the expected goals.

Administrative Accounting Analyst
Supervises the general accounting and related inspections and checks for the completeness and correctness of the data and the processing of the technical elements for the preparation of the company's financial statements. Deals with the Cespiti Management, the Management of the Business Cycle and the Passive Cycle as well as Credit Management.

Administrative Services Officer/Expert
The typical Ferservizi representative. Supervises active cycle traffic and extra traffic cycles, passive cycles, general accounting and tax services, and employee payrolls for the Group's major companies. Manages a complex integrated system of services that involves all the accounting and financial processes related to the administrative management of employees; supports the definition and dissemination of administrative accounting procedures, ensures the identification and formulation of proposals for improvement of processes and operational procedures related to relevant administrative issues, and guarantees the coordination of tax services. Assures the activities for the preparation of the audit balance sheet and the related detailed reporting (reporting) to be submitted to the Customers' Companies; supports the management of bank and postal accounts, providing related accounting transactions and the inspection of account billing and accrual data, and arranges for banks to provide payment orders to third parties in the name and on behalf of Customers.

Budget Expert and Accounting Expert
Manages the accounting and the budget and is the point of contact for the management of public funds. Deals with obtaining public funding for public investment in company projects.

Assures the budgeting, review, summary and the reporting process.

External Communication and Media

Assures the definition of corporate strategy in external communications, consolidating its external communication plan. Protects the definition of brand policy and the valorisation of the company image by guaranteeing its implementation.
Supervises the management and development of relations with international, national and local media and internal editorial activities.

Role Examples

Event Organisation Officer
Deals with the planning, organisation and implementation of institutional communication and conferencing events, also manages the administrative aspects and manages sponsorships.
Carries out the coordination and monitoring activities of the company's visual identity.

Manager External Relations and Media Relations
Deals with the promotion and protection of the corporate image. Takes care of managing and developing media relations through database management.
Plans and develops the Group's advertising campaigns by creating PR spots and institutional audio-visual products. Carries out support activities for integrated communication and the press office. Deals with the design, drafting and editing of magazine articles, brochures and publications in general as well as website management.

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