Production and traffic

Planning and Traffic Control

Schedule and plan the regulatory and plant structure of the railway network to ensure the safe and smooth running of trains.

Role Examples 

Head of Planning and Traffic Department for RFI
Organizes and supervises the issuance of local regulations, provisions for plant modifications needed to optimize train traffic management.

Head of Planning and Regulations for RFI
Is the Manager responsible for coordinating and controlling the various Department Heads and coordinates the work and targets goals and results.

Programming and Train Production

Ensures the programming and implementation of the delivery processes of shipping services; ensures the definition of performance indicators and punctuality targets;
takes care, on the basis of defined business objectives, of the routine and extraordinary programming of the resources used (drivers, crew and equipment) ensuring, at the regional level, the jurisdiction and competence of the staff;
ensures the definition of the technical-normative content required for the development of the qualification system and plans the training requirements for train drivers and on-board personnel, providing manuals and technical instructions for their sector of expertise.

Role Examples

Train Driver Roster Programmer for TRENITALIA
Defines the service shifts of the Permission to Build (PdC) and rolling stock aimed at optimizing the use of resources; processes and manages the work of Distribution of Routine and Extraordinary and Non-Commercial Production; processes Permission to Build (PdC) demand forecasts for hypothesis of production volumes as well as for necessary resources; participates in the definition/study of commercial offers.

On-board Crew Scheduler for TRENITALIA
Defines the service shifts of the Public Officials and rolling stock designed to optimize the use of resources; processes and manages the work of Distribution of Routine and Extraordinary and Non-Commercial Production; processes the Public Officials demand forecasts for production volume hypotheses as well as for the resources needed for such production, taking into account possible outlays; participates in the definition/study of the commercial offers.

Driver Plant Operator for TRENITALIA
Deals with the analysis of the operational disadvantages by proposing appropriate solutions and operational management of the plant in compliance with the standards and regulations in accordance with quality standards, productivity and assigned financial resources, deviations evaluation and the implementation of corrective actions as well as operational management of assigned staff. Is responsible for ensuring that labour laws are applied and respected.

On-board Production Operator for TRENITALIA
Manages the analysis of the operational disadvantages and the processing of the proposals for improvement; manages the train escort services assigned to its plant(s) (both routine and extraordinary, the Public Official shift change, as well as the processing of the medium and short term management programme; manages the planned absences of On-board staff; monitors staff performance, checks deviations from productivity goals, effectiveness, and security, develops improvement proposals; preserve the objectives of economy, efficiency and efficiency dictated by the Company and inspects application and compliance regarding work rosters; deals with the planning of the distribution activities of service shifts and the management of planned and unplanned absences'


Directly manages railway traffic, allowing access to railway companies with the necessary requirements and checks the results in terms of regularity. Also, manages the necessary staff.

Role Examples:

Head of Regional Movement Department for RFI
Manages the necessary personnel, organizes and supervises the management of train traffic of the assigned lines.

Operations Manager for RFI
Is the Manager responsible for the coordination and control of the various Movement Department Heads of the territorial scope of reference.

Traffic Management

Assures the control and safety of the shipping service, its punctuality and regularity.

Role Examples:

Traffic Coordination for TRENITALIA
Supervises the activation of communication flows in line with the operational modes defined for the management of the availability of Trenitalia Managers and Executives; handles information between territorial structures for territorial management abnormalities;
processes and transmits reports regarding movement patterns and relative abnormalities.

Transport Services Manager for TRENITALIA
Deals with the analysis of recurring criticisms and the definition of remedial actions for achieving punctuality goals; manages the flow of information from/to Public Officials/Permission to Build for traffic abnormality, rolling stock faults/anomalies, customer needs on board the train; manages traffic monitoring and real-time detection of abnormalities through information systems (train travel, abnormalities, rolling stock status, etc.); collects information regarding the causes of delays that cannot be detected through computer information systems.

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