Integration pathways and development

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The integration pathway in our Group aims to ensure that new graduates develop relevant professional skills for the management and development of the railway business.

From your first year, we want to ensure you gradually acquire a systemic view of our Group and to provide you with an integration plan heavily focused on the development of appropriate technical/railway training, creating a balance and alternating between training and work experience.

You will therefore be able to develop the necessary skills for your professional and personal growth within our company and will be able to take on increasingly important responsibilities within the scope of a targeted, custom-made training plan just for you. Our environment will also let you socialise with various people from different parts of the company.

Continuous support

Right from your first steps at the company, your training and professional pathway will be accompanied by a mentor to make your inclusion in our Group even smoother and to allow you to grow both professionally (knowledge and skills) and personally (guiding values and related conduct). 

Your mentor will facilitate your integration process into our company. The role of the mentor involves preventing and managing any potential critical issues during the integration pathway, serving as a direct mediator between the new graduate, the host facility and the staff. You will therefore be able to:

  • acquire all the technical and procedural information you need to fit into the business as quickly as possible, while also encouraging your integration through participation in working groups and interdepartmental projects;
  • constantly exchange ideas with your mentor, so he or she can recognise your expectations and needs, facilitating your introduction to the business climate and culture;
  • be the key player behind your own success.

Grow with us

We have developed an individual training and development plan for new graduates, which is constantly monitored to ensure they have a continuous learning curve all throughout their professional career.

The main goals are:

  • to promote your integration within our Group
  • to develop your managerial skills in line with the strategies of the Group and its companies
  •  to increase specialist knowledge with an expertise of the Group’s internal processes and the relative work practices and procedures

The plan includes:

during your first year at the company:

  • a training programme to acquire a systemic, integrated view of railway activities;
  • visits to our plants;
  • specialist in-depth analysis of railway technologies.

from your second to fourth year:

  • on-the-job shadowing;
  • job rotation among various company roles or Group companies;
  • participation in international projects.

Your development will be constantly monitored by structured assessment and optimisation periods as part of your assigned tasks.

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