Remuneration and benefits

Various types of contracts and different benefits

Compensi e benefits FS Italiane

The contract used for most FS Italiane Group employees is set by theNational Collective Bargaining Agreement for Mobility - Railway SectorNational collective bargaining agreements on garagesvehicle, train and tram work and the trade sectorare then used at some of the Group’s companies. In many cases, the relevant national collective bargaining agreement is combined with a supplementary contract drawn up ad hoc by the individual company.

The benefits provided for the Group’s employees vary depending on the specific role filled. However, almost all staff receive certain benefits.

These include the Additional Healthcare Plan, which lets employees receive basic and specialist assistance and healthcare services, with regular reimbursement of expenses and the use of a central call centre for the employee’s various needs and, upon request, their immediate family too: from prevention to treatment, from surgery to dentistry, right through to home care.

Employees with a National Collective Bargaining Agreement for Mobility - Railway Sector are given a Smart Card so they can travel on all the FS Group fleet, from HS Frecce to international trains, benefiting from special fares or using regional and interregional trains completely for free.

There are also other types of advantages:

a discount on driving licences (through the healthcare offices of the Italian Rail Network), loans and special credit rates(through Fercredit - an FS Group company), company canteens and nurseries, as well as regular savings on entrance tickets to exhibitions, fairs and concerts.

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