How to apply (FAQ)

Online applications  

f you wish to apply for one of the FS Italiane Group companies, enter your application.

From 07/10/2020 a new online form is available for inserting your CV.

In order to access the new selection campaigns and apply for the positions of your interest, you need to create a new account, which will allow you to register your data and CV, as well as take advantage of the new features of the site.

The updating of the career site does not affect any ongoing selection processes. As already indicated, your registration on the new career site is instead essential for the purposes of participating in new selection campaigns. The spontaneous applications received by filling in the form feed a single database for the main companies of our Group, which is constantly updated with the curricula selected in close collaboration with educational and academic institutions.

The inclusion of your CV allows us to have it available for 12 months and to carry out an up-to-date screening, promptly analyzing the candidates' requirements in relation to each new need.

Job offers

If you want to quickly view the positions open at any given time in the FS Italiane Group, visit the "Research campaigns" section. In addition to filling in the required data, it is also very important to include your CV in .pdf format. At the end of the data entry, you will receive an automatic e-mail confirming the correct registration of your application in our system, which is our main recruitment channel for all our selections. You will then be contacted, if your profile is of interest with respect to the requirements sought for a particular role, in order to start the selective process.

Why apply online

The selection process cannot be activated if your CV is not present in our company information system.

The inclusion of your online application allows us to have it available for 12 months and to carry out an up-to-date screening of the CVs by regularly analyzing the candidates' requirements in relation to our new needs.

For this reason, we invite you to enter your application online and keep it constantly updated with the acquisition of new skills, by accessing "Update your CV".


Where I can see job offers?

If you have entered a spontaneous application, you will receive a thank you email from our Group to inform you that it will remain in our database for a period of 12 months and you will be contacted only in the case of personnel needs in line with your profile. If you are contacted, you will generally be asked to participate in our online assessment through which you will have to complete some pre-selective tests. The tests and instructions will be sent to you from the email address To carry out the tests correctly, we suggest you use the following browsers and operating systems:

Firefox 30.0 (and higher) on Windows 8 and higher / MacOS X and higher
Chrome 36.0 (and higher) on Windows 8 and higher / MacOS X and higher
Safari 8.0 (and higher) on MacOS X 10.10 and higher
Android 4.4 (and higher)
iOS 8.0 (and higher)

If you pass the online tests, you can be contacted for the continuation of the process.

If you encounter technical difficulties in carrying out the tests, you can contact us at the email address

Personal area

By accessing your reserved area you can, in total autonomy, carry out some operations:

edit profile;
change login details;
notification / consent management;
update CV;
account / CV deletion.

In the section "update CV" you will have the possibility to view and possibly modify the "key elements" of your CV. You will see the job titles associated with the CV from our semantic search engine. Personal data is used as part of a process aimed at automatically identifying your degree of compatibility with job offers based on the key elements detected by the system through the semantic search engine (Skills Matching).

This tool allows the employer, through the manual indication of the key elements, to view the degree of compatibility of the candidates according to the comparison between the key elements read in the curriculum vitae and those of the job offer (for example job title, keywords, language skills, workplace, etc.).

We specify that you are not subjected to automated decisions based on this process.

Forgotten password

If you have forgotten your password, you can carry out the procedure by clicking on "Forgotten password" and entering the e-mail address provided when filling out your CV.

Which browser should you use to fill in the online form?

Filling in the online form is possible using the main browsers (for example: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.).

In particular, for the correct display, consult the following table:

Why am I not displaying some characters correctly?

It has been found that the Firefox browser can experience problems displaying particular characters.

To overcome these problems, you need to change the browser options by replacing the Unicode character with another character from Character encoding.

How can I cancel my CV?

If you want to delete your account, just enter it and click on "delete account". In addition, you can possibly notify or by contacting the Data Protection Officer who can be contacted at the e-mail address

If I have any doubts who can I contact?

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