Group Companies

This section aims to illustrate the structure of the Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, with its main companies and the related shareholdings of the parent company, Ferrovie dello Stato Spa. To find out more about the individual companies, click on the name of the company you are interested in. You will access a page with a description of the company and its activities and some pages with extra details.

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This is the search engine in the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane portal. You can find it on every page in the top right-hand corner. It allows you to perform simple searches by entering one or more key words. Once you have entered the key word in the text box, click on “Search” to start the search. A page will open up with the results, indicating the title of the page and its location on the portal (navigation path). If you click on the title, the corresponding contents will be displayed, whereas if you select the navigation path, the same contents will be displayed or the section where it is located, if the result is an attachment or an internal page. To return to the list of results, use the “Back” key on your browser (top-left corner).

Work with us

This is the channel devoted to Recruitment for the Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane. The area offers useful information to those interested in working for FS Italiane and allows you to send in your CV, check on available jobs and find out what is required to take part in a selection process. It is divided into five sections: - Why choose FS, with testimonials and news items or information about professional expertise in the company - Who we are looking for, with profiles for students and recent graduates, high-school leavers or experts - Recruitment and development, with information on selection criteria and the recruitment channels - FS and University, on cooperation with universities and entities, opportunities for work experience and traineeships, study grants or other ways of gaining experience in the Group - FAQ, with useful FAQ about recruitment - Send us your CV, with information about current job opportunities and the possibility of sending in your CV.

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This service allows you to email pages and articles from the FS Italiane portal. The service is displayed in the top right-hand corner on every page, with the envelope icon and the words “Send to a friend”. When you have chosen the page that interests you, select this item. A window will open up where you can enter the name of the sender (in the “From” field), the name of the recipient (in the “To” field) and the email addresses of the sender and recipient. The subject of the email is included automatically by the system with the title of the page. To send the email, click on the item “Send”. The recipient will receive an email with the link to the chosen article and the sender will receive an email stating that the email has been sent.


This service allows you to print pages from the website in A4 format. The service is displayed at the top of the page next to the “Send to a friend” command, with the IT printer icon and the word “Print”. If you select this item, a new page will be displayed in your browser with the same contents but with a lighter graphic format, without wallpapers, images and navigation menus. To print, follow the commands in your navigation browser (e.g. if you use Explorer, select “File” from the menu on the top right, then “Print”).


There are some Flash animations on the home page and some pages inside the website. In order to display each individual animation correctly, you need to have installed Plugin Macromedia Flash Player. If you do not have the programme, a static image representing the animation will appear. The flash animations are optimized for video resolution of 1024 x 768 pixel.

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At the bottom of some of the pages on the site, you can find some social network icons (Facebook, Twitter, Google plus). By using these, you can share the contents of the web-page you are visiting. When you click on a social network, you need to provide your login details in order to share the page contents.

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