FS and schools

A bridge for the future

Our Group helps young people grow through numerous initiatives with outstanding schools and technical institutes across the country.

We offer brilliant students who are passionate about a railway career the chance to take part in summer internships, work/school placements, plant visits and ad hoc training courses.

In fact, together with schools, we design students’ training in order to transfer their specific industry skills and to prepare them in a targeted way for a constantly evolving world of work.


  • to guide and bring young people closer to the world of railways by offering them marketable skills;
  • to identify, look after and train the pool of undergraduates/graduates for technical railway jobs in infrastructure and rolling stock maintenance.

Initiatives in place

  • Agreements with the best technical institutes in Italy for training and guidance;

Since 2013, over 3,400 students from the 3rd, 4th and 5th years have been involved in:

  • Open days and company presentations;
  • Plant visits;
  • Work/school placements;
  • Summer internships;
  • Dissertations;
  • Railway training courses (both extra-curricular and incorporated into the curriculum).

Best Practices

  • IIS Aldini Valeriani, Bologna: an extra-curricular training course for 30 students from the 3rd to 5th years (80 hours a year) on permanent way material, electric traction and signalling to develop railway expert skills.
  • ITIS Meucci, Florence: a school training course (80 hours a year) for 30 students in “Transport and Logistics” from the 3rdto 5th years to explore railway issues.
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