The FS Italiane Group in collaboration with "Valore D" – an association of companies for diversity and female leadership – is engaged in the project "WIM - Women in Motion" to promote the careers of women in technical areas.

Recent statistics confirm, once again, the existence of general disparity in the job market, which associates Italy with the rest of the world: in particular the presence of males dominates in many of the technical-scientific jobs.

This situation is probably the result of multiple factors, among which a fundamental one tied to education and teaching: there are still unwitting prejudices that limit the choices of female students, in addition to well-rooted preconceptions that women are not “suited to” technical-scientific subjects.

This culture therefore has to be created, in other words educate and motivate female students to leave their “stereotype” and instead follow study roads that are an alternative to those which today are more “predictable” for them.

As a company that assigned a woman as its President for the first time in November 2015, we believe that female talent exists in every sector and our duty is to valorise it.

The Women in Motion project was created in this context, in collaboration with “Valore D” – an association of companies for diversity and female leadership, the objective of which is to promote women’s careers in our technical areas and in the working sectors which, until today, men were believed to be ‘more suited to men’.

To do this, we will go to schools and Universities to support a technical study road among the female students, inform them about their job prospects and, finally, to supply the tools, namely motivation, skill and opportunity, needed to fulfil their potential and talent at best.

This road will be possible thanks to our mentors, in other words around 100 women who work in the technical areas of the company: they will meet female students in schools and advise them on study roads and the job future.

May will signal a particular moment for this project: a meeting dedicated to Italian female students with institutional guests and role models to guide the girls and women towards studying STEM subjects. In addition, 20 girls will be selected for a journey in the excellence of Italian technology, to investigate technological culture from a female standpoint.

This project could not have come about without an Internal Management Change: we are already working on improving the working situation of those women who are employed in the technical areas and on destroying cultural barriers.

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