A journey to discover the ecological sustainability of environmental protection and respect of common assets. Treno Verde, a Legambiente and Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane project, is ready to start running once again this year: 11 stops, from 24thFebruary until 31st March, to promote the best practices that start from the bottom, from people and from sharing.

The 2017 edition is focused on the circular economy: waste is banned, with a green light being given to asset sharing and preservation even through re-use, and the recovery of waste materials (glass, aluminium, etc.) and energy.

The protagonists of the on-board events are the representatives of our most virtuous realities who have been recycling for years, following projects and instances that were brought to the attention of Brussels, where approval of the European closed cycle package is being discussed. With its conference carriage, Treno Verde (Green Train) even hosts presentations, laboratories, and a contest for young people from 18 to 30 who travel on regional trains, aimed at collecting ideas to improve separate waste collection in stations and on trains.

The departure is from Rome, with stops at Milan, Catania, Paola, Potenza, Bari, Salerno, Pescara, Foligno, Bologna, Vicenza and Asti.

The press conference on the initiative, organised by Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane together with Legambiente and under the patronage of the Ministry of the Environment, will be held in Roma Termini on 22nd February at 11.00 a.m.

The carriages

  • First carriage: "End of the linear line". The impacts of linear economy (garbage and dumps, climatic change and waste) and the advantages of the circular economy in terms of environmental sustainability, and more!
  • Second carriage: “Those who close the circle”. The circular economy champions who present solid examples of waste re-use, recycling and renewal, to let us touch the advantages of the closed circle.
  • Third carriage: “The perfect recycling circle”. The branch that recovers and recycles old tyres, one of the best practices at national and European level.
  • Fourth carriage: “Circular citizenship”. Choose, re-use, recycle, repair and share: the circle can be closed, let’s find out how!

The special protagonists are the Champions of the circular economy, because many Italian realities have already invested and bet on a new production model, closing the circle and making Italy the cradle of the circular economy that is coming to life.

“Acting for the environment”: the contest dedicated to young people

Collecting ideas, suggestions and projects to improve separate waste collection even in stations and on-board trains. This is the objective of the “Acting for the environment” contest that FS Italiane and Legambiente launched at the inauguration of Treno Verde 2017. Trenitalia will offer the winner one year of travel in the region of residence.

To take part in the contest, reserved exclusively for young people from 18 to 30, participants have to hand in a report, either on paper or digital, on board the Legambiente and FS Italiane Treno Verde 2017, at the stops made during the journey.

The participants can choose whether to present a written text (maximum 1,800 characters), a graphic project (in pdf format on a single page), a video clip (lasting no more than three minutes), or a multimedia report (lasting no more than three minutes).

The regulations and more information about the contest are available on the Trenoverde site.