Completion of the Pontremolese track-doubling

Completion of the Pontremolese track-doubling

The project envisages the completion of the Pontremolese (Parma-La Spezia) line in stages. 

The first stage concerns track-doubling between Parma and Vicofertile which, upon leaving Parma, extends as a track variant for the first 5 kilometres and for the remaining 3 kilometres flanks the historic line up to the entrance to Vicofertile. 

The second phase envisages track-doubling mainly alongside the existing single-track line between Vicofertile and Fornovo, the construction of the Valico Tunnel as a variant between Berceto and Pontremoli, along with a new double-track section between Pontremoli and Chiesaccia. 

Mariano Ciocchetti was appointed Extraordinary Governmental Commissioner for completion of the works.


  • Increased line capacity – from 4 trains per hour in both directions to 10 trains per hour on the doubled sections;
  • Increased regularity of railway operations.
140 km/h maximum speed
8 total kilometres
4,024 mld € in investments

Work progress status

Below are the details of the work progress for the Completion of the Pontremolese track-doubling.
  • Project
    Since 2022
  • Permits
    In Progress
  • Tenders
  • Start of work
  • End of work
    Since 2028

Parma-Vicofertile - Parma-Vicofertile

Stages of progression: PERMITS

  • Design end date:  2022
  • Activation Date: since December 2028

Other lots - Other lots

Stages of progression: DESIGN