Projects from Sicily and Calabria win the "riGenerazione Futuro" call for entries

The initiative, presented in Rome today, is promoted by Associazione Civita with the support of FS Italiane and in collaboration with Produzioni dal Basso

Rome, 31 January 2024

Calabria and Sicily cross the finishing line of the “riGenerazione Futuro - i tuoi progetti per il territorio” ("reGeneration Future - your projects for the territory) call for entries promoted by Associazione Civita and made possible thanks to the contribution of Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane in collaboration with the crowd-funding and social innovation platform Produzioni dal Basso. They won six important awards (three for each Region) for projects that successfully reached and exceeded their online collection targets.

The projects were awarded at the event, moderated by journalist Fabio Bogo, which took place today at 11:30 am at the Associazione Civita headquarters in Rome, Piazza Venezia 11, in the presence of Simonetta Giordani, Secretary General of Associazione Civita, Luca Torchia, Chief Communication Officer of Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, and Angelo Rindone, Founder of Produzioni dal Basso and CEO of FolkFunding.

"riGenerazione Futuro" is a competition that aimed to actively involve Third Sector businesses in the Calabria and Sicily Regions by stimulating innovation processes in culture, tourism and sustainability, helping to animate the territories and responding in a concrete way to the needs expressed by the local communities. All six projects have raised at least 40% of the resources necessary for their realisation via the Produzioni dal Basso platform, and will now be able to benefit from co-financing by the sponsor Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, which will provide a total contribution of € 36,000.00.

The projects selected for the Calabria Region (all with an economic objective of 10,000 Euro) are:

  • Guardiani della Memoria: Storie silenziose di una Calabria dimenticata” (Guardians of Memory: Silent Stories of a Forgotten Calabria) by the Cultural Association Mystery Hunters of Cosenza, to make documentaries that preserve memory and stimulate knowledge of hidden and little-known heritage;
  • "L'arte per tutti in 3D - SOSTIENI TOUCH ME!” (Art for all in 3D - SUPPORT TOUCH ME!) by the Wake Up ETS Association to make the MUDIAC museum's urban artworks accessible to people with visual impairment and reduced mobility through their reproduction in 3D;
  • "#trameascuola | Costruiamo un futuro libero dalle mafie!" (#trameascuola | Let's build a future free from the Mafias!) by the Trame ETS Foundation, which offers a cycle of educational and cultural activities, including workshops in schools, meetings with authors and read-aloud events to raise young people's awareness of the principles of legality and the fight against the Mafias, promoting the values of civil responsibility and justice.


The projects selected for the Sicily Region (all with an economic target of 10,000 Euro) are: