September La Freccia. Challenges and travels under falling leaves

On the cover, golfer Ascanio Pacelli narrates the Ryder Cup in Rome

Rome, 07 September 2023

There are many challenges that await us in the coming weeks and at the end of this summer that hints of autumn. Sports but also environmental, economic and social challenges. The September La Freccia, together with the many travel proposals, offers a panorama that takes its cue from the Ryder Cup, the international golf tournament where the best European specialists go up against the US in two continental teams. Ascanio Pacelli, spokesperson and president of the association of Italian professionals in this sport, tells us about it. The cup will be held for the first time in Italy, on the outskirts of Rome, from September 29th to October 1st.

Sport and competition are also at the heart of the life of Simone Giannelli, captain of the men's national volleyball team who, until September 16th, will be involved in the 2023 European Championship, of which Trenitalia is the Official Green Carrier.

In addition to the sporting events, La Freccia recounts even harder challenges, those related to sustainability, environmental and social issues. These issues will be addressed at the Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Innovation Expo, bringing together 280 companies in Milan between October 4th and 6th and including FS Italiane, a project partner since 2016. Also in the Milanese capital, one of the projects resulting from the memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Justice and the FS Group deserves a special mention, which will allow some inmates of the Opera prison to work in railway stations and offices. Instead, the Beltrame group aims to accelerate the transition to green industry, committed to reducing CO2 emissions thanks to Chalibria, a carbon neutral certified steel.

What’s more, as always, the travel ideas and stories, which let readers discover the country's ancient fortresses, the municipalities around Lake Trasimeno, the routes of the Abruzzo transhumance, the unusual Persian traditions in Lecco. And, again, the lower Marche, closed between the Adriatic and the Sibillini mountains, to be visited by train and bicycle, among Art Nouveau villas, rolling hills and ancient villages.

A quick peak at history to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the death of Carabinieri deputy Brigadier Salvo d’Acquisto who sacrificed his life to save 22 people from the Nazi's wrath on September 23, 1943.

Finally, art: in Naples with the Jago museum, in the province of Trento with photos by Carlos Solito, in Milan with the Photofestival and the Palazzo Reale's new projects narrated by the director Domenico Piraina. And then the interviews with Pilar Fogliati, star of TV series Rai Cuori, and Aurora and Fru from The Jackal, new hosts of Italia's Got Talent, the Disney+ show of which Trenitalia is the sole Mobility Partner.

All this and more in the September edition of La Freccia, to browse through and read in digital format on FSNews, and in hard copy, which readers can take and carry away with them, on Trenitalia's Frecce, in the FRECCIALounge and FRECCIAClub. For the second consecutive month, the magazine will include the Italy of the future is under way poster, which presents and illustrates over 40 strategic works under construction, aimed at enhancing and improving Italian rail mobility in the coming years.