FS Group: Civil protection rescue exercise in the Campeda-Bonorva tunnel

A technical fault causes a fire to break out aboard a passenger train departing from Macomer and bound for Chilivani, forcing the convoy to come to a halt inside a tunnel and making it impossible to continue the journey.

This was the scenario of the emergency exercise that took place on Sunday, 7 May in the Campeda Bonorva tunnel along the Macomer-Golfo Aranci line. First responder teams from the FS Italiane Group, the Sassari Fire Brigade, the Sardinian Regional Civil Defence, the municipality of Bonorva and Areus 118 medical personnel were involved, also being called upon to assist a number of passengers who had fallen ill.

The exercise, envisaged under the Ferrovie dello Stato Group’s Annual Civil Protection Exercise Plan, helped to test the procedures and training of the personnel involved in order to avert possible critical situations and improve the emergency management process. The periodic initiatives also include monitoring the effectiveness of communication flows and the coordination chain, as well as the readiness of interventions and the efficiency of safety equipment in the tunnel.

All this was done in order to improve safety standards and ensure the necessary protection of people, property and the environment without compromising the smooth running of trains yesterday.