FS Italiane, Civil Protection exercise: emergency procedures checked

For verification of proper emergency management. Overnight between Saturday, 29 and Sunday, 30 April.

Milan, 30 April 2023

Checking the plans for emergency management in the railway area and their correspondence with health and external emergency procedures, along with the coordination and response times of all operational structures involved.

This was the objective of the Civil Defence exercise conducted last night along the Pavia-Cremona line on the Belgioioso-Corteolona section, envisaged by the Memorandum of Understanding between the FS Group and the Civil Defence of the Lombardy Region, organised by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (as Head Company of the FS Italiane Group’s Infrastructure Hub), coordinated by the Municipality of Costa De’ Nobili and surrounds, with the participation of the Lombardy Region Civil Protection and Municipal Civil Protection Groups, the Fire Brigade, Police Forces (Police Headquarters, Polfer – Railway Police and Carabinieri) plus Civil Protection Associations, Health Care Associations and Trenord.

The scenario of the exercise

Trenord’s regional train 668, in transit along the Pavia-Casalpusterlengo line coming from Belgioioso and heading towards Corteolona, comes to a halt due to the subsidence of part of the track ballast.

The train operator realises in good time that part of the track ballast has collapsed so employs the emergency brake to stop the convoy in a safe area. However, the abrupt halt causes some contusions for passengers (actors), rendering it difficult to exit the carriages that did not quite reach the platform. Teams of rescuers are dispatched to assist with the transfer from the train on the track ballast and to assist those injured whilst awaiting medical aid.

The communication protocols anticipated for emergency management were promptly activated, with the involvement of all involved, namely the Civil Defence for the Lombardy Region, the Fire Brigade, Police (Police Headquarters, Polfer – Railway Police, Carabinieri), AREU, Trenord FS Security and RFI.

The emergency services arriving on scene provided assistance to the passengers (actors). At the same time, technicians secured the train and infrastructure to allow traffic to quickly resume.

There was no impact on railway circulation.