FS Italiane: a memorandum of understanding with ITA and the Lufthansa Group was signed today for a better integration between plane and train

They aim to offer combined and tailored travel proposals

Rome, 03 February 2023

The FS Italiane Group, led by CEO Luigi Ferraris, just signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ITA, the Italian airline, and one with the Lufthansa Group. This Memorandum, in addition to the German airline, also involves the subsidiaries Swiss, Austrian Airlines and Brussel Airlines, and the local companies Lufthansa CityLine, Air Dolomiti and Eurowings Discover.

The main objectives of the two Memorandums of Understanding are: to achieve effective multimodal air and rail services, connecting different modes of transport; to develop a joint offer to allow for the purchase combined air and rail tickets; to define combined loyalty programs.

The two MoUs are the foundation for commercial and operational partnerships aimed at developing a multimodal mobility range that can effectively respond to tourism and business demand needs and create an agile and comfortable "end-to-end" travel experience, possibly also benefiting from common digital platforms.

For the FS Group, the two memorandums are part of a broader strategy of collaborations and partnerships with other collective and shared mobility operators, consistent with the objectives of its 2022-2031 Business Plan.