October’s La Freccia: through the eyes of women

Walking in the Prosecco Hills and around Matera and Potenza

Rome, 3 October 2023

Destinations and a wealth of stories about (extra)ordinary women in October’s La Freccia. Starting with that narrated by Paola Cortellesi, making her début behind the camera with the film C'è ancora domani. It is the second half of the 1940s and the (extra)ordinary woman Delia has the courage to overturn the patriarchal norms accepted up to that time simply because that was what society expected of her. Set in the past, the story nonetheless has many similarities with the present. The film opens the 18th Rome Film Fest of which Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane is the official sponsor and this year features many women – from the unforgettable Anna Magnani, the symbolic face of this edition, to Isabella Rossellini, who shall receive the lifetime achievement award.

Also (extra)ordinary are the destinations proposed this month. Discovering the new “Cammino” to walk through the Prosecco hills between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, or that to the sound of music in the territories of Matera and Potenza. There is also a tour of Puglia’s hinterland, in search of the French trails hidden amongst the villages of Salento, an in-depth look at Vicenza to visit Palladio’s masterpieces and a tour of Bologna’s gastronomic monuments – tagliatelle, tortellini, ragout, mortadella ...

Finally, there is the extraordinary objective of the start-up Ridaje – winner of FS Italiane’s Open Innovation challenge – that aims to reintegrate fragile people into the social fabric through an urban garden care project.

Culture also provides exceptional moments. In Turin, Mimmo Jodice’s timeless shots are exhibited at the Gallerie d’Italia. In Milan, the work of Cretan painter El Greco can be analysed through his travels along the Mediterranean, from Candia to Venice and Rome to Toledo.   

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