FS Italiane, Civil Protection training in the Milan railway bypass to monitor safety procedures

Milan, 27 June 2021

In an emergency, verifying the effectiveness of the procedures set out in the Internal Emergency Plan for events within the gallery, the response times and coordination of structures in the territory means putting into practice the periodic training of railway personnel, together with the entities and institutions involved in the rescue operations.

With these objectives, the FS Italiane Group in collaboration with the Civil Protection units of the Lombardy Region, organised the exercise that took place last night along the Milan railway bypass between the Milano Dateo and Milano Porta Venezia stations.

The scenario of the exercise

During the night, in the absence of any railway traffic, a fire was simulated as having broken out due to an act of vandalism on a Trenord regional train, with the consequent blockage of the train on the Milan railway bypass. On board were Civil Protection volunteers in the role of extras.

The communication protocols anticipated for emergency management were promptly activated, with the involvement of all involved. Taking part were the Civil Protection services of the Municipality of Milan, the Lombardy Region and the Metropolitan City of Milan, along with the Volunteer unit of Civil Protection, the Fire Brigade of Milan, Law Enforcement (Police Headquarters, Polfer – the railway police, and the Carabinieri) of the regional emergency agency AREU 118, Trenord and Rete Ferroviaria Italiana.

Upon reaching the scene, the first responders helped the passengers exit from the tunnel and provided them with the necessary assistance. At the same time, the FS Italiane Group technicians secured the train and infrastructure to facilitate a swift restoration of traffic.

There was no impact on railway circulation.