Exercises in the Fadalto Tunnel to test safety procedures

In the Fadalto Tunnel, on the Conegliano - Ponte nelle Alpi line 

Belluno, 15 May 2021

In an emergency, verifying the effectiveness of the procedures, response times and coordination of structures in the territory means putting into practice the periodic training of railway personnel, together with the entities and institutions involved in the rescue operations. 

With this objective, the FS Italiane Group today held exercises in the Fadalto tunnel on the Conegliano–Ponte nelle Alpi line, near the Santa Croce del Lago (Belluno) station and coordinated by the Prefectures of Belluno and Treviso. 

All operations were carried out in accordance with the health protection regulations in force.

The scenario of the exercise

The simulation saw a failure evolving into a fire breaking out and resulting in a passenger train being blocked in the Fadalto tunnel. On board were some ten passengers, who were all involved as extras. Also simulated was an outage on a power line that is soon to be activated.

The communication protocols anticipated for emergency management were promptly activated, with the involvement of all involved: the Prefectures of Belluno and Treviso, the Belluno and Treviso Fire Brigade, Law Enforcement, the Venice Railway Police Division, Civil Protection, SUEM 118, Trenitalia, and the Italian Railway Network.

Upon reaching the site, the rescue teams focused on evacuating passengers – some of whom had special needs – from the tunnel then providing first aid. At the same time, the FS Italiane Group technicians secured the train and infrastructure to facilitate a swift restoration of railway traffic.