The April edition of La Freccia celebrates “our” Earth

A green cover is a call to hold the planet close to our heart on 22 April for the 51st Earth Day

Rome, 2 April 2021

The April edition of La Freccia celebrates “our” planet to mark the 51st Earth Day held on 22 April. It does so with a cover that invites us to hold our planet close to our hearts and protect it as a precious good, and this month’s magazine is entirely focussed on green issues.

It starts with the interview with Pierluigi Sassi, President of Earth Day Italia, which is taking part in the online marathon in which, potentially, over a billion people could be involved around the world. It follows with the Stop Global Warming programme, a petition - supported by Marco Cappato amongst others – pushing for the European Commission to implement a tax on carbon dioxide emissions.

There is a focus on sustainability in the strategies of the FS Italiane Group, which is ready to rethink its future after Covid-19. But this is also the mission of Corepla, the consortium that collects, recycles and recovers plastic packaging, and that of the anti-waste irrigation systems from Irritec and the Aworld app, which was chosen by the UN to support its ActNow campaign against climate change. While Scambiologico has been created in the former Rete Ferroviaria Italiana warehouse in Potenza, as an entity that is very energy efficient and which provides locally-sourced products and an events area.

The photographs of the Liquid Trajectories project created by the skier Federica Brignone focus on water pollution, while the pictures in Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2020, at Fort Bard, stress the importance of protecting the environment and its inhabitants.

There is no lack of interviews looking at the issue, including with the seismologist and physicist Aldo Zollo who studies the movements of the Earth, the climber Simone Moro and yachtsman Giancarlo Pedote – both ready to take on the unpredictability of nature -, the designer Laura Strambi and the art director Simone Guidarelli with their artisan, eco-friendly creations.

You should not miss the suggestions as to how to discover the best in Italy, again with attention being paid to the environment: bicycle trips alongside rivers, from the Dora Baltea to the Isonzo, cities on a human scale that you can walk around (like Cortona and Rovereto), a new tour of Ussita (Macerata), described through the voices of its inhabitants, and an immersion in the traditions of Salento presented by Daniela Ferolla, from RAI television.

Without forgetting 25 April with Teresa Vergalli, who tells the story of her work in the Resistance as a partisan courier through the emotional photos of the time.

Finally, for the Medialogando column, a discussion with Francesco Loiacono, the director of La Nuova Ecologia magazine.

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