FS Italiane in support of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

The main FS headquarters and the Ferservizi and Italferr offices bathed in orange

Rome, 24 November 2021

Tomorrow, Thursday 25 November, to show the Group’s awareness of such an important and topical issue, the facades of Villa Patrizi, the main headquarters of FS in Piazza della Croce Rossa (Rome) and the Ferservizi and Italferr offices will be bathed in orange, the colour chosen by UN Women to symbolise their campaign for a future without violence.

FS Italiane’s commitment to the cause is confirmed by the internal communications campaign #iononrestoaguardare, aimed at all railway workers, both men and women. The campaign invites all the Group’s employees to share a photograph of the “signal for help”, the sign invented by the Canadian Women’s Foundation so that victims of domestic violence can make with their hand to ask for help. The gesture (a thumb folded into a tight fist or tucked into the palm) has spread around the world, becoming a clear international signal to call for help without words.

The images created by the employees will be added to a gallery that will be published tomorrow on FS Group’s corporate intranet.

FS Group will be holding a webinar tomorrow for its employees, aimed not only at women but also highlighting the positive and proactive role that men can play in supporting victims of violence. It will focus on the importance of not being bystanders and noticing the signs that a person is calling for help, from the most subtle to the most obvious, then acting swiftly, creating a protective net around women and victims of abuse.

FS Italiane’s involvement does not end on 25 November. It will continue to highlight the issue of inclusion and the fight against violence with further initiatives, such as the Challenge for Charity fundraiser. FS Group took second place out of 12 companies at the Gaming 4 Weeks 4 Inclusion tournament, winning a cash prize that will be donated to the Telefono Rosa association, a helpline that many women turned to during lockdown.