Lazio Region, STIP wins the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane challenge

This is the second regional challenge launched together with the FS Italiane Group, awarding the winners of the Social Media Marketing challenge to find innovative solutions for the social media channels dedicated to regional trains. The winner nabs 10,000 euro. The second- and third-ranked receive specialist services.

Rome, 19th June 2020

Today comes the second Challenge launched by the FS Italiane Group, the Lazio Region and Lazio Innova, with a focus on young companies and innovators, aimed at finding out-of-the-box solutions on “Innovative marketing and engagement techniques for social media channels serving regional train customers”.

Those taking part in Innovation Day, which was held in digital mode due to the COVID-19 health emergency, included: Paolo Orneli, Councillor for Economic Development of the Lazio Region, Nicola Tasco, President of Lazio Innova, Alessandro La Rocca, CEO of FSTechnology, Franco Stivali, FS Italiane’s Innovation Manager, and Ilaria De Dominicis, Head of Trenitalia’s Strategies, Planning, Regulation and Sustainability.

Participating in the pitching battle, as per the regulations, were the 6 best solutions to benefit from a path of mentorship in defining the business proposal, together with experts from Lazio Innova and the FS Italiane Group.

The projects concerned digital communication and technology, with a particular focus on the new frontiers of digital marketing, such as emotional advertising. The six finalists in the race to have presented a mock-up [EF1] and demo of their solutions were:

  • STIP — with an innovative digital customer service solution;
  • BIG PROFILES — which has brought to the foreground the use of artificial intelligence to meet and profile customers;
  • DELATE — with a project to transform any eventual minutes that trains are delayed into opportunities to garner customer loyalty;
  • TRUE YOU — with a social analysis for customer engagement;
  • FANTA STORIES IMAGES — with “stories on the go”, a marketing and communication project designed specifically for digital and social media channels;
  • VERBIT — with an app to exchange useful information between travellers.

First prize went to STIP, receiving the 10,000 euro awarded by Lazio Innova together with a range of specialised services. As second and third runners-up, TRUE YOU and DELATE will receive a range of specialist services pertaining to patenting and contractual protection along with legal, fundraising[EF2] , marketing and communication aspects.

This initiative is part of the Lazio Region’s strategic open innovation programme. This is the thirteenth challenge to have been completed thus far, with the aim of connecting large companies already operating in the markets with the energy, creativity and expertise of talents and startups.