#RiparTiAmoItalia: only available online, the May issue of La Freccia magazine focuses on the reopening

Phase 2 commences, in a context that is still unfolding, with mayors and governors outlining the possible scenarios for the coming months. On the cover Steve McCurry’s photographic tribute to Italy.

Rome, 3 May 2020

The May issue of La Freccia launches the invitation and commitment of the entire FS Group: #RiparTiAmoItalia with a cover by Steve McCurry in tribute to our country. And, for the second consecutive month, it is only being released in digital format.

Readers will be accompanied throughout the Phase 2 opening, in a context that is still unfolding, with a hint of optimism and the knowledge that the fight against CODIV-19 must continue with determination.  

The mayors of the main Italian cities—Antonio Decaro, Chiara Appendino, Giuseppe Sala, Luigi Brugnaro, Marco Bucci, Virginio Merola, Dario Nardella, Virginia Raggi, Luigi de Magistris, Vincenzo Napoli and Giuseppe Falcomatà—along with governors Stefano Bonaccini, Attilio Fontana, Giovanni Toti and Nello Musumeci were asked by La Freccia to outline possible scenarios, ideas, projects, initiatives and wishes for the coming months.

For Mother’s Day, women recount their daily life with their children, forced to stay home during quarantine, and offer readers some advice on how to spend this cloistered period with serenity and fun for the little ones.

The magazine opens with an interview with the Director of the FIRSTonline publication Franco Locatelli who, for Medialogando—the column dedicated to the world of information—talks to us about the recipe that has led to success in the economic and financial world for the web publication he heads, especially in recent times when online has taken an even more predominant role.

Osvaldo Bevilacqua tells us of enchanted villages, isolated towns and secret hermitages, through the hidden wealth of Italy to be rediscovered when we return to travelling, given that this year tourism will be particularly dedicated to the discovery—or rediscovery—of the beauties of our country.

The appointment with Un Treno di Libri (A Train of Books) by Alberto Brandani renews the invitation to read with the column In Viaggio Con il Prof, which proposes a May trip to the #MeToo movement at the time of the Trojan War, with the book The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker.