FS Italiane and the municipality of Torre Annunziata unite to enhance the station area

Signed today was the Memorandum of Understanding. A “Masterplan for the reclamation of urban areas

Torre Annunziata (Naples), 21 May 2020

Signed today was a Memorandum of Understanding between FS Sistemi Urbani and the Italian Rail Network - a company of the FS Italiane Group – together with the municipality of Torre Annunziata for the redevelopment and enhancement of the areas surrounding the Torre Annunziata railway station and included in the coastal Buffer Zone”.

A Work Group, comprised of representatives of the signatory parties, shall forge a “Masterplan” to regenerate and enhance the railway areas located throughout the Torre Annunziata territory.

With a unified and integrated vision, the parties will provide contributions to assist with the overall improvement of the station accessibility system as well as to the urban restoration and redevelopment of the areas surrounding and facing the coastal stretch of the city.

These sum up the main points of the document signed by Vincenzo Ascione, Mayor of Torre Annunziata, and Umberto Lebruto, Managing Director of FS Sistemi Urbani.

The common objective is to identify strategies and actions necessary to best make the extensive areas owned by the FS Italiane Group available to the community through the creation of more liveable and safe spaces, enhancing existing locations and buildings as well as assigning new social, cultural, educational and tourist functions to them.

Today, we are formally launching a collaboration with the Municipal Administration aimed at transforming the face of the disused railway areas,” declared Umberto Lebruto, CEO of FS Sistemi Urbani. “The objective of the Work Group, as defined in the Memorandum of Understanding, is to relaunch and redevelop segments of the city located near the railway station, restoring full usability to citizens, offering new functions and living spaces. It is the beginning of a project to revamp the city and the territory.”

“With the signing of this protocol, we are pleased to be initiating a fruitful path of collaboration with Sistemi Urbani and RFI, having the common aim of identifying an overall scheduling of operations aimed at regenerating and enhancing the FS areas present within our territory,” affirmed Mayor Vincenzo Ascione. “We will pursue various programming objectives such as the enhancement and reuse of existing areas and buildings; the creation of high-quality spaces with the introduction of services and functions of collective interest; the improvement of the multimodal offering and the overall system of accessibility to the stations, reinforcing the central role in respect of a mobility network rendered more effective also in terms of environmental sustainability. With the support and interest of qualified partners, we can reap the rewards of this undertaking, the ultimate goal of which is to draw attention to our city, finally ready to evolve and regenerate.”