The Pope's visit to Bari: over thirteen thousand seats offered by train or bus

Assistance at the Bari Central and hinterland stations has been increased, with the presence of one hundred Italian State Railways Group employees

Bari, 18 February 2020

Over thirteen thousand seats offered by train and bus, one hundred employees manning the stations and assisting travellers from the early hours of the morning until the afternoon. This is the FS Group's commitment for the Holy Father's visit to Bari on Sunday 23 February.

Twelve thousand seats offered by Trenitalia. By 7.30 am, 9 regional trains will arrive at the Bari Central station (2 from Foggia, 2 from Barletta, 2 from Fasano, 1 from Brindisi and 2 from Taranto). For the return journey, starting at 12.15 pm, Trenitalia will guarantee 13 regional connections (3 to Foggia, 2 to Barletta, 2 to Fasano, 1 to Brindisi, 2 to Lecce and 3 to Taranto).

Over one thousand two hundred seats offered by Ferrovie del Sud Est with 2 special trains from Martina Franca and Putignano and 7 buses from Castellana Grotte, Manduria and Taranto.

One hundred FS Group employees will be handling the outgoing and incoming flow of passengers from the station square to the FSE bus stops, in collaboration with forty volunteers from the Civil Protection Department, trained ad hocRete Ferroviaria Italiana and the Ferrovie del Sud Est will also man the Bari hinterland stations and the main FSE bus stops in the town.

Trenitalia and FSE wish to remind you that boarding the trains is permitted if you have a travel document and it is advisable to purchase return tickets in advance. For organised groups of travellers is advisable to purchase your travel document in advance, by sending an email to and

Tickets can be purchased online ( and, at station ticket offices and at affiliated sales points. The toll-free number 800 07 90 90 and a chat option active on Facebook will be available for FSE travellers.