The historic complex of the former Porta Susa station in Turin has been sold

Turin, 19 February 2019

The historic complex linked to the former Turino Porta Susa station has been sold for 6.405 million euros, by FS Sistemi Urbani (FS Italiane Group), which owned the buildings, to the property company Vastint Hospitality Italy srl.

Through the bidding process, which began in 2017, the Vastint Hospitality Italy srl company has also bought an option for the mezzanine area from Turin City Hall for 1.743 million euros. 

5.261 square metres of development rights, of which 1,800 already exist in the station building, are planned for the historic complex of the former Porta Susa station in Piazza XVIII Dicembre in Turin. It is designated for use for tourism/hospitality, shopping and eating establishments.

FS Sistemi Urbani is the FS Italiane company that is charged with getting the most value out of the Group's property holdings which are not directly used in running the railway, especially stations, nodal and transport infrastructure and available assets.

The company also provides integrated urban services with a view to business, and to providing a service to the community: it handles the development of business linked to parking and to areas for parking all kinds of transport; it coordinates the maintenance of areas and buildings in public and private use; it deals with promoting transport intermodality programmes and developing economically and socially important projects to strengthen the services sector.

Vastint Hospitality Italy srl, the property company of Vastint Hospitality Holding BV, is developing a portfolio of at least 50 hotel investments throughout Europe through the acquisition of sites, including areas around railway stations, in Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Austria. With the purchase of the historic complex of the former Torino Porta Susa station it has grown its building portfolio in Italy, where the company has already bought locations in Genoa and Verona to build new hotels aimed at Millennials.