FS Italiane: Board of Directors' decision on Alitalia dossier

Rome, 20 November 2019

The FS Italiane Board of Directors, which met today, discussed the positions expressed by potential industrial partners regarding the possible bid for the Alitalia operation, in view of the deadline of 21 November assigned by the extraordinary commissioners.

The meeting reviewed Delta's recent communications, confirming its willingness to participate in the new company's equity, following the joint work carried out in recent months, as well as the letter sent yesterday by Lufthansa, with which meetings have been held in recent weeks.

In this respect, although noting the positive elements in these communications, the board also noted that Lufthansa has indicated its willingness to enter into a commercial agreement, but not an immediate entry into the equity of the new Alitalia.

Moreover, in a press release issued yesterday, Atlantia announced that the necessary conditions for joining the project have not yet been met, although it is still willing to continue the discussion to identify an industrial partner.

Therefore, the Board of Directors of FS Italiane, confirming the company's commitment and willingness to continue negotiations for the consortium, for which the necessary conditions have not yet matured, awaits the assessments of the extraordinary Commissioners regarding the initiatives to be taken.