FS Mobility Academy: 35 graduates for the multidisciplinary course on mobility

A higher education course promoted by FS Italiane and University of Naples Federico II

Naples, 11 January 2019

Thirty-five engineering and economics graduates, selected from over 300 applicants, around 60 university lecturers and experts in transport systems, for over 400 hours of teaching. These are the numbers of the first semester (October to December 2018) of the FS Mobility Academy.

The FS Mobility Academy offers university-level education arising from a partnership between the FS Italiane Group and the University of Naples Federico II. The multidisciplinary course aims to teach young people the methodologies and techniques for developing and managing infrastructure and transport.

The first semester of the programme has been divided into nine modules split into three thematic areas: propaedeutic and basic knowledge, introduction to legislation, economics and transport history and technology, plus transport system and service engineering.

“The FS Mobility Academy gives students the opportunity to specialise in the field of infrastructure and mobility and to acquire professional, technical and scientific skills that are fundamental for employment,” declared Gianfranco Battisti, CEO and General Manager of the FS Italiane Group. “We invest in the training of young talent, generating value and innovation to remain competitive in the labour market. FS Italiane Group has increasingly put people at the centre of its industrial processes to provide progressively high-quality services, in line with the expectations of those using the train to get around each day.”

“The partnership with the FS Italiane Group represents an extraordinary opportunity for the University of Naples Federico II to offer students a highly-specialised post-graduate course that is strongly innovative and closely linked to the work world of the future,” declared Gaetano Manfredi, Dean of the University of Naples Federico II.

“As part of a profound technological and organisational transformation of the world of transport, the FS Mobility Academy has been highly sought-after in order to offer an opportunity for young people throughout the country,” says Ennio Cascetta, Chairman of the FS Mobility Academy Management Committee.  “Our hope is that, thanks to the experience gained through internships with the Italian FS Group, the students can concretely interact with the mechanisms and opportunities of the transport world.”

The second semester (January to April 2019) foresees the development of project work and research activities in the laboratory, planned in coordination with FS Italiane Group companies, being preparatory to internships (May to July 2019) with the Group’s Italian and foreign companies.

Students will study topics related to the thematic areas of learning in the laboratory: transport infrastructure (BIM - being Building Information Modelling – activities); exercises on signalling and railway traffic management; investment planning and evaluation, along with mobility services (skill acquisition activities for the use of computer tools leading up to simulation, evaluation and implementation of services applied to mobility; management of intermodal hubs such as the stations and management of passenger services; development of technologies for smart mobility).

FS Mobility Academy's Steering Committee, led by Professor Ennio Cascetta and comprised of the top leaders of the FS Italian Group's main companies, today took stock of the results achieved and set guidelines for teaching activities throughout the coming months.