The integration of Internal Control and Risk Management System players at the centre of the SCIGR Convention

Rome, 13 July 2018

On 12 July, at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, the first SCIGR Convention took place, with the aim of strengthening the integration between the various players in the Internal Control and Risk Management System field.

Among those who took part in the event as speakers on behalf of FS Italiane were: Gianfranco Cariola (Central Audit Department), Giovanni Conti (Risk Management / CRO), Mauro Ghilardi (Central Human Resources and Organization Department), Roberto Mannozzi (Central Administration Department) , Budget and Tax), and Massimo Restino (Compliance)

The value of SCIGR in an international context was given time in a dedicated panel attended by Barbara Morgante, Director of Central Governance for Foreign Participation, and Giovanni Conti.

Instead, during the panel "Border technologies and their impact on SCIGR activities", Gianluigi Castelli, Director of Innovation and Information Systems and Ornella Chinotti of the Corporate Executive Board - CEB, lit up the debate, together with Gianfranco Cariola, Mauro Ghilardi and Roberto Mannozzi, on the value of new technologies and on the impact they can have on the Internal Control and Risk Management System.

The attendees participated in a game developed around the themes shared during the convention.