nugo is born, the app that changes the way you travel

In the Android and Apple stores it's possible to purchase travel solutions by integrating and combining different modes of transport

Rome, 15 June 2018

Nugo is born, the app that changes the way you travel.

The door to door integrated collective mobility application can be downloaded from the Android and Apple app stores.

Nugo revolutionizes your journey, making it more comfortable and easier, with the ability to buy integrated travel solutions with a single ticket in a few steps, choosing among the modes of shared transport: trains, subways, buses, ferries, car and bike sharing, and taxis, with the option of booking a parking spot at the railway station.

Thanks to nugo, building your own journey will be much simpler. By selecting departure and arrival points, the traveller will be able to choose from solutions in line with their needs based on duration, means, carrier changes, and fares.

Trips, which can be purchased with a single payment, are customizable thanks to filters and preferences, thus making itineraries more and more affined to the traveller’s needs.

Nugo is the largest national transport showcase that unites the many transportation segments until now separate from each other. Mobility hubs therefore become an integral part of the journey, not just starting and ending points. The modal shift takes shape, a prerequisite for sustainable development, resulting in fewer emissions and less traffic congestion and thus more free time.

The new platform also revolutionizes the journey because it becomes an assistant that follows the passenger providing useful advice and information on the means of transport available for each type of travel. Nugo allows you to save time when buying a bus ticket, booking a taxi, or renting a car, thus optimizing the modal interchange between one vehicle and another.

Two installations, the nugo space experience, are located in the Venezia Santa Lucia and Firenze Santa Maria Novella train stations, respectively. Spaces in which travellers and visitors can enter the virtual world of nugo experiencing a sensory experience with people's stories, images of cities, moving vehicles, and artistic abstractions on the journey.

In the coming weeks, the nugo space experience installations will also be set up in other Italian railway stations.