Federica.EU: a web learning platform for the training of the FS Italiane Group's employees

Developed by the University of Naples Federico II

Rome, 28th March 2018

A high-quality, innovative and multimedia university web learning system that will enrich training opportunities for the FS Italiane Group employees. Federica.EU is a digital platform developed by the University of Naples Federico II.

With over 80 Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), Federica.EU is now the largest European online platform linked to a public university offering free multimedia teaching. It includes texts, videos and links to the most authoritative online sources.

Among a wide number of on-line courses offered by Federica.EU, FS Italiane has selected for its employees the Open Learning package, with around 30 MOOCs. These courses have been included in the 2018 Learning Plan in order to promote self-improvement as well as personal and professional culture.

The training plan will be accessible on the company intranet from 28th March to 30th November 2018. There are four available modules:

  • Learning about learning, (an overview of MOOCs);
  • International (courses in English on various subjects);
  • Challenges Faced by Society (topics on sociology, politics and economics, soft skills and the digital transformation);
  • The Tool Box (tech courses on technological and cultural innovation).

The skill set developed through the course will be recorded on the employee's resume.

«People are our main asset», says Gioia Ghezzi, Chair of FS Italiane Group. «Offering them the best possible training is a priority for us in order to remain competitive and in step with the constantly, rapidly evolving business world. We are dealing with a digital disruption, and an explosive innovation that are revolutionising entire industrial sectors. In order to face future challenges, we must develop our forward-looking perspective, and a higher-level online university training goes in this direction».

«We must create the right conditions to enable our employees to understand complexity, manage it in an innovative manner, and produce value for themselves and the company», says Mauro Ghilardi, Director of Group Human Resources and Organisation. «In our sector, characterised by technical competences, it is crucial to promote a multimedia approach and diversity in cultural backgrounds. Considering we believe that MOOCs are a valid tool that can encourage a desire to learn and the awareness that we share responsibility for continuous learning with our employees so that we are ready to respond to the challenges that await us both generally in our society and specifically in our company».

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