FS Italiane and ActionAid together to guarantee a future to 4000 children

Till January 7, 2019 the volunteers of FS Italiane and ActionAid will be on board trains to offer chocolate bars in exchange for a small financial contribution

The Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group supports "their future in your hands", the campaign signed by ActionAid to tackleacademic abandonment.

In Italy over 1 million children and teenagers between the ages of 3 and 18 live in absolute poverty. This means isolation, lack of educational and learning opportunities with consequent abandonment of school ahead of time (in Italy 7 students out of 50 leave school). These young people risk not having the right tools to imagine and build their own future while remaining in a spiral of poverty and exclusion that is perpetuated from generation to generation.

To counteract this situation, until 7 January 2019, about 200 FS Italiane volunteers together with those of ActionAid will board the Frecciarossa and regional trains to offer travellers a bar of Altromercato chocolate in exchange for a minimum offer of 3 euros. A small gesture that will give a future to 4,000 children and teenagers from Bari, Milan, Palermo and Reggio Calabria, supporting 12 schools in suburban and marginalized neighbourhoods within OpenSpace Project.

The collected contributions will in fact be used to make schools a better place through the redevelopment of spaces and the creation of digital laboratories. 

The social fundraising initiative that the FS Group has decided to support this year is not just about collecting donations, but an important step in the path of corporate social responsibility that our Group launched a while back.