The number of trains provided by Trenitalia to Trenord reaches 14

Milan, 28 December 2018

Trenitalia (Italian FS Group) has now handed over 14 trains to Trenord.

In addition to the 11 convoys already in circulation on the Lombardy railway lines, there are three additional trains delivered today: a Vivalto, a High Frequency Train and an ALe 582.

In around four months, Trenitalia has provided Trenord with some of the most reliable locomotives, with complete efficiency and maximum transport capacity (Vivalto) for commuters throughout Lombardy.

Ahead of the schedule agreed upon on 31 August 2018 between Gianfranco Battisti, FS Italiane Group's CEO, and Attilio Fontana, President of the Lombardy Region, an initial fundamental phase for the relaunch of the regional and metropolitan rail transport has been completed for Lombardy.

Together with the trains, twenty Trenitalia personnel, including railroad engineers and crew, have already been put into operation for Trenord, guaranteeing 22 daily services and raising the regularity standards of Lombard railway traffic.

In addition, working synergies between the Trenord and Trenitalia operating rooms continue to offer a service that is increasingly attentive to the needs of those travelling by train. Trenitalia's operational support is also crucial for train maintenance cycle operations, thus elevating the overall quality of rail transport throughout Lombardy.

The swift delivery times of the convoys once again confirm the commitment of the entire FS Italiane Group in ensuring a better quality of travel for millions of people travelling on trains for work, study, tourism and leisure. This drive is in line with the directions of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport and shall be rendered even more concrete with FS Italiane's new Five-Year Industrial Plan.