Customer Care dedicated to regional transport travellers

The new service presented in Udine, Ancona, Perugia, and Reggio Calabria

29 November 2018

For the first time in Europe, a customer care service dedicated to commuters, trains and stations is launched in Italy. FS Italiane's goal is to improve travel quality and the lives of millions of people who use the services of Trenitalia every day and deserve, along with punctuality, cleanliness and comfort, even more amenities, information, and safety.

The new service has been officially presented in the cities of Udine, Ancona, Perugia and Reggio Calabria.

In Reggio Calabria, Roberto Musmanno, Commissioner for Infrastructures of the Calabria Region and Domenico Scida, Director of Trenitalia Regional Transport, started the regional Customer Care programme. In Calabria, the activity will involve 23 operators with a dedicated desk in the Reggio Calabria Centrale station and over 3,500 trips a year.

In the Marche region, the activity will involve 7 operators with a dedicated station in Ancona and over 3,000 trips a year. In the Marche region, the start of the service was presented by Angelo Sciapichetti, Commissioner for Transport of the Marche Region and Fausto Del Rosso, Director of the Regional Transport of Trenitalia.

In Perugia, Giuseppe Chianella, Commissioner for Transport of the Umbria Region and Amelia Italiano, Director of the Regional Transport of Trenitalia, inaugurated the new service, which will involve 7 operators in Umbria with a dedicated desk in the Perugia Fontivegge station and on 300 trips a year.

There will be 520 railway workers at the national level, mainly young people and new employees, involved in this innovative project, which will cover a total of 100,000 regional trains per year and will extend throughout Italy with a careful focus on the national territory. 320 of them, easily identified by a red vest and all with adequate professional and linguistic skills, will be dedicated to informing and assisting travellers, listening and solving the needs of those people - on weekdays there are about a million and a half - that in Italy travel for work, study, or tourism with Trenitalia's regional trains.

To them will be added, at the station and on board the trains, another 200 corporate security colleagues, professionally prepared to face and prevent problematic situations in terms of security. These are employees who work in close contact with law enforcement to which the activity of prevention and repression of crimes is entrusted exclusively.

The commitment, assumed by the new top management of FS Italiane since its establishment, is consistent with an overall strategy that aims to bring people and their needs at the centre of everything for all the companies of the Group and exports, to regional services, these amenities which until recently were the exclusive prerogative of the Frecce.

Thus there are now six assistance services available to Trenitalia regional transport passengers, among those carried out by staff at the station and on board the train and those available on their smartphones and tablets.

The assistance activity is supported by 38 desks and information boxes located in the main stations where Trenitalia staff is in continuous contact with the regional operational rooms, which is entrusted with the effective and centralized management of any criticality. On this occasion Trenitalia continues to work to make other existing caring activities increasingly efficient and viable, such as personalized information via the app, telephone chat, the toll-free number 800 892021 in case of criticality (strikes, interruptions, abnormalities), and the use of ticketing personnel in emergencies.