FS Italiane, EMTN Programme updated and increased up to 7 billion Euro

Rome, 22 October 2018

FS Italiane has completed today the update of its “Euro Medium Term Notes” (EMTN) Programme for institutional investors listed on the Irish Stock Exchange.

As part of this update, FS Italiane has increased the size of the Programme up to 7 billion of euro, from the initial 4.5 billion, signing the documentation with 26 dealers.

The updated and increased Programme received confirmation on the current rating, BBB from S&P and BBB from Fitch.

FS Italiane is active on debt capital market since 2013 with 9 issuances for 3.95 billion euro outstanding, which now account for 40% of the total financial sources. The proceeds raised in these years financed both trains for regional and High Speed transport of Trenitalia and High Speed infrastructure of Rete Ferroviaria Italiane.

The increase of the Programme size will still finance the investments of the main Group’s subsidiaries – mostly earmarked to the revamping of the regional transport – through green bond issuances, in line with the Green Bond Framework published by FS Italiane for its inaugural green bond, the first green bond ever which financed trains.

The new regional trains “Pop” and “Rock” are perfectly suitable for green bond issuance, whose aim is to finance projects with a positive impact in terms of environmental sustainability.

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