FS Italiane: anti-aggression plan stepped-up to protect staff in trains and stations

Plan signed today with trade unions to strengthen prevention measures

Rome, 21 September 2017

At the base of the new agreement between trade unions, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, Trenitalia and Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, there is a common desire to step up the protection of the safety of staff and customers. The agreement signed today plans to strengthen the measures already in place and introduce extra measures, able to halt the attacks even more effectively: the main moves include the installation of video surveillance systems on board trains and in major stations; training of front line staff for managing critical situations; the implementation of preventive and anti-evasion controls in stations, in order to minimise possible "risky" situations for railway staff and customers; the use of anti-evasion teams, supported by FS Corporate Security, on high-risk routes; identifying, based on the reports received and the agreement with the Ministry of the Interior, the lines travelled by trains considered high risk from a safety point of view. 

Making stations safe is one of the key points, and the "Tornelli 2.0" project is a key part of this, involving the installation of turnstiles in 620 stations during the period covered by the 2017-2026 Industrial Plan. By the first quarter of 2018, we plan to introduce turnstiles in 29 stations along with a video surveillance system. Lastly, a Central Security Operations Room is being set up, to be up and running for the first half of 2018.

The operating room will be able to remotely view images transmitted by all digital cameras in order to make security operations faster and more effective in conjunction with law enforcement.

The national secretariats of trade unions, including FILT/CGIL, FIT/CISL, UILTRASPORTI, UGL TAF, FAST Mobility and ORSA, have joined the fight against the phenomenon of aggression on board trains and in stations.