Mazzoncini and Severgnini at the International Journalism Festival

Beppe Severgnini will interview Renato Mazzoncini during the International Journalism Festival in Perugia

Rome, 16th March 2017

Beppe Severgnini, the new manager of Sette, the Corriere della Sera supplement, will interview Renato Mazzoncini, the managing director and CEO of FS Italiane in Perugia, next 8th April during the International Journalism Festival.
At the centre, a common enthusiasm for trains. The conversation will take place at the Teatro della Sapienza in Perugia and, knowing the two men, it will be fun and full of starting points. The train world, in fact, embraces a thousand different vests: from daily personal experiences to imaginary collective ones, from literature to cinema, from technology to the history of our country.

FS Italiane chose to talk about its own past and future at the International Festival of Journalismin order to present itself to young digital audiences with interactive and participation formats.
As a result, just a month later than TEDx Tiburtino, which last 8th March captured the attention of the network, FS Italian became the main character in Perugia of another event, to continue exchanging ideas and projects. It presents itself as a large square, both real and virtual, where open minded visions like the International Journalism Festival in Perugia are exchanged, and of which Gruppo FS Italian will be a partner this year.