FS Italiane is the "Best Employer of choice" even for 2017

For the third year running, the Group takes top position in the classification of companies where young graduates want to work.

Rome, 17th February 2017

Gruppo FS Italiane, for the third consecutive year, takes first place in the classification of the companies that young graduates want to work for most.

Best Employer of Choice 2017. The Cesop HR Consulting Company survey reconfirmed FS Italiane as the leader in the ranking of industrial and production realities preferred as a place of work. First place was already assigned to FS Italiane in 2016 and 2015. The statistical sample included 2,500 young graduates with an average age of 26 years, representatives of the national population by gender, geographical area and type of degree, who evaluated a panel of 100 national and multinational companies.

The result of FS Italiane, achieved not only globally but also in the category of technical-scientific companies, is the confirmation of the good result of the transformation and relaunching process that involved the Gruppo during the past years, and which allowed it to overtake important national and international companies that are always greatly appreciated by young people, for example Google and Apple, ranked in second and third place. Starting from the 15th position in 2009, FS Italiane was classified 13th in 2010, 8th in 2011, 3rd in 2012, 2nd in 2013, 3rd in 2014, finally reaching the top position in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

“We strongly believe in the contribution that young people can give to our company.” highlights Renato Mazzoncini, CEO of FS Italiane. “Receiving the Best Employer of Choice award for the third consecutive year fills us with pride and confirms that the road we are following is the right one. Over the next few months, thanks to an agreement with the Trade Unions, there will be an extensive generation change and we will hire an additional 1,000 people that will give the Group companies new skills, ideas and contributions, resulting in an important turnaround for solidifying the 2017-2026 Industrial plan. We are convinced that innovation begins from people, so we are proud of being considered as a “dream company” by young Italian graduates.”

“Over the years,” declared Mauro Ghilardi, Human Resources Central and FS Italiane Organisation Manager, “our Group has committed itself to communicating constantly with young people, offering them solid information that is useful for directing them towards the professional roads that are more in line with their attitudes and ambitions. Studying global trends and international benchmarks allows us to always be in step with their expectations, and to involve them effectively using their own language and innovative and digital tools. In 2016 alone we placed more than 150 graduates in the company, offering them training and professional development opportunities, in addition to job rotation possibilities thanks to the different businesses that characterise our Group.

The Group has been promoting specific and varied activities for years in order to attract the best talents: Employer Branding through the Web and social networks, meetings with young graduates at Job Meeting, Career e Recruiting Day, work targeting initiatives in collaboration with the top Universities and schools, proposals of Master’s degrees, degree theses, internships, workshops, seminars, awards and competitions based on ideas, the insertion of numerous graduates into companies following criteria of merit and transparency, ad hoc training projects.

A few months ago, FS Competition, the Group’s first Recruiting Day, was the perfect occasion for selecting and inserting 18 Economy and Engineering graduates coming from different Italian universities quickly and innovatively into the company.