FS Italiane in top-place for the "Work with us" web section

The end result of an international study by the Swedish research firm Potential Park

Rome, 24 February 2016

Our "Work with us" section ranks at top-place in the classification of "Online Talent Communication Italy".

The end result of an international study conducted by the Swedish research firm Potential Park, which sent over 5,000 questionnaires to Italian students and recent graduates. After having compiled them, a ranking of businesses was conducted (80 domestic and multinational surveys) based on these results, that because of their own web recruitment strategies they are more responsive to the needs identified by those questioned.

In general, the Gruppo FS Italiane's result is attributable to the commitment on the web communication tools, which see the web section work with us (recently renewed), and also accessible from mobile devices (smartphones or tablets), supported by other channels such as the company's LinkedIn page, the social network dedicated to the world of work.

These are spaces that are entirely dedicated to the world of work, in addition to signalling searches for any open positions, allowing people to become familiar with the company, and also receive complete information on internships, training programs or agreements with universities, and understand how the selection process to join the company works.

People can also find out more about the FS world by watching the video testimonies of managers and employees.

A result that confirms the great dedication of the FS Italiane in its constant efforts to communicate with young people, and not only that, but the profound transformation of what was and still is its leading role in transport services.