Workshop "The Talent of Women "

An initiative for accompanying the women of Gruppo FS Italiane on a journey aimed at discovering and observing the distinctive characteristics of female models

Rome, 16 February 2016

To acknowledge the distinctiveness, the contribution and the value of women within the company: these are the aims of "The Talent of Women," a workshop organized by Gruppo FS Italiane to stimulate an active reflection on self-esteem, “distinctive” female leadership, comparisons and points of contact between male and female communication styles.

The workshop, scheduled for Wednesday 17 February 2016, will be organized in two phases: the first based on "Role Models" for developing leadership and identifying a personal managerial style, the second based on three different laboratories.

"Role Models"

Through a series of video interviews, various development paths will be explored analyzing for each one specific success factors, obstacles, behaviours and choices.

Laboratory 1: female self-management

Aim: to stimulate awareness by reflecting on possible causes and implications of scarce self-esteem, self-listening and enhancement of personal distinctive traits and desires.

Laboratory 2: composing life by conciliating identities

Aim: to activate a reflection on the "facets" of female identity so that they may be used consciously and transformed into added value.

Laboratory 3: male and female communication

Aim: to acquire greater awareness of one’s own communication style, of the differences between genders, of the tools available for a correct interpretation of people’s ways of expressing themselves, in order to analyze the main reasons at the basis of misunderstanding at work.

At the end of the workshop, the participants’ considerations will be collected and shared so as to express what learnt and deemed important to pass on to other women.

This initiative falls within the Diversity Management project offered by Gruppo FS Italiane to enhance the role and talent of women within organizations and ensure greater gender equality.