FS Italiane meets its stakeholders

The FS Italiane Group will give its detailed, clear responses by February 2017

Rome, 25 October 2016

FS Italiane met its stakeholders to gather suggestions, ideas and useful insight to improve its service and to increase its quality standards as part of the fourth edition of the Stakeholder Panel.

The initiative was founded in 2013 due to the need to establish a direct, transparent relationship with its own stakeholders. About 50 people inside and outside the company took part in order to discuss ideas and develop suggestions on how to improve the services offered by the Group.

Five strategic areas were identified and submitted to the stakeholders for their opinion:

  • the quality of services for passengers with reduced mobility, with a focus on how support services are provided and on potential intermodality partnerships;
  • local transport, with the new regional ticket and the fight against evasion and avoidance;
  • staff training to improve customer experience, including new ways of listening to customers and the planning of personalised responses based on their needs;
  • freight mobility services, with an incentive system and the development of integrated solutions;
  • workplace health and safety, with detailed analysis of suppliers.

The stakeholders were divided by expertise and interests, representing various organisations (companies, public administration, research institutes, the business world, universities, consumer and trade associations, civil society organisations and citizens). They seized the opportunity offered by the Group to exchange information, share their own experiences and offer their ideas to develop business areas of the FS Group.

The work was carried out with help from FONDACA (the Foundation for Active Citizenship), taking the form of plenary sessions and individual meetings. It concluded with the presentation of 20 suggestions, added to the 65 collected since 2013: to date, about 30 of these proposals have already been implemented. All the details are available in the Stakeholder engagement section. 

The Group will provide its detailed, reasoned replies to the stakeholders’ observations by February 2017.