“The train at the centre of global mobility”: Renato Mazzoncini’s editorial

The CEO of FS Italiane opens Note’s editorial, the weekly publication for regional transport customers

Rome, 11 October 2016

October’s edition of Note opens with an editorial by the CEO of FS Italiane, Renato Mazzoncini, a few days before the presentation of the FS Italiane Industrial Plan.

“The Plan looks far ahead, to 2026, but sets a series of much closer targets and a strategic commitment that is already essentially part of all our daily work. Placing customers, with their needs and expectations, at the centre of our business culture just like every technological innovation.

We know what you expect from us: reliability, efficiency and comfort, punctuality and cleanliness, information, as well as safety and security. Many of you will have noticed several tangible improvements in recent months, with punctuality reaching the best European averages, hitting over 93% at peak times, and reliability equating to a reduction in cancelled trains below the 1% threshold.

We must consolidate and improve these results. But we will work to give you even more. Because although trains are the linchpin of our daily journeys, which we want to be increasingly comfortable and reliable, we often have to use other means to complete them. 

The goal is to create efficient integration between trains, cars, buses, the metro and bikes. And to accompany and promptly notify you through the app and digital supports to make your journey, and your life, even easier”.

Renato Mazzoncini, CEO of FS, rounds things up by reiterating that this goal does indeed involve investment in new, more high-performance trains, similar to those just commissioned to Alstom and Hitachi, and in technologies across the network which will increase the frequency of regional trains to major urban hubs. And to consolidate our renowned leadership in safety.